hair removal options

Whether you are tired of regular shaving or the agony caused by waxing, your ultimate option is to use hair removal cream. Caution should, however, be taken when applying it. Sticking to the right procedures will yield the best results with minimum or no discomfort. Below is the best-proven method of using hair removal cream:

1. Choose the ideal hair removal cream that suits your need. Depending on where you want to apply the cream and the sensitivity of your skin, select the right product in the market. If for example, you want to use it on the bikini area or your face, consider the hair removal cream that is less sensitive.

2. Carry out an allergy test some hours or perhaps a day before. Whether you have used the cream before, it is good to carry out the preliminary test. Your hormonal levels do change periodically, and you may find your skin reacting even if you have used it before.

3. Inspect the area you want to administer the cream. If you want to minimize any effect that might result from its application, do not use the cream in areas with rashes, cuts, scrapes, moles or any skin irritation.

4. Read and follow the instruction that comes with the hair removal cream. Instructions vary with the various brands in the market. Duration of application may even vary, hence should abide by the directions for use.

5. Evenly apply a thick layer on the hair you want to get rid of. Using your finger, smear the desired part equally without necessarily rubbing the cream on your skin. Immediately was your hand. Remember uneven spread may lead to remains of hair patches.

6. Allow the cream to settle on your hair for the instructed period of time. The duration varies from between three to about 10 minutes. You can as well check the hair halfway to see if the cream is working. The longer the cream stays on your skin, the higher the chances of irritation or redness.

7. Using a damp washcloth, remove the cream layer. This should be done gently without rubbing. You should then wash the area with warm water to ensure complete removal of the hair removal cream.

8. Comply with any post-use warning that may have been indicated in the directions of use. There could be restrictions against activities like swimming or sunbathing 24 hours after use. In case you feel some little irritation or the skin being reddish, do not worry, they will go with time.

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